How Much Are Braces in Australia in 2023

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Do you have crooked teeth that bother you? If so, you’re not alone. About 35 per cent of Australians over the age of 15 years feel uncomfortable about how their teeth look.

Have you wondered, “Are braces worth it?” For most people, the outcome is worth the expense and experience of having braces.

So, how much are braces in Australia? Today, you have options for different ways to straighten your teeth. Keep reading to learn about the costs and the types of braces available in Australia.

How much do braces cost in Australia?

What are braces and what are their different types?

When looking at the cost of braces, several factors can impact the final charge. Dentists complete graduate-level training to become orthodontists. As specialists, they charge a higher rate than a dentist.

The braces treatment plan involves many appointments with your orthodontist. Remember that your case is unique. Some people need more extensive care than others.

For example, you may need more visits for refitting procedures or extra care devices. Some individuals require professional cleanings using special materials.

If you need fillings, teeth pulled, or repeat X-rays, this may take more appointments. Additional visits can increase your bill.

If you choose an orthodontist with a designer office in a large city, such as Sydney, you will pay more. These providers pay a higher rent or mortgage for their office.

Thus, they adjust their prices to meet their business income needs. Selecting an orthodontist in a smaller town may help reduce your costs.

The type of braces also impacts your costs. The following gives an overview of methods for straightening teeth and the cost.

Traditional Braces

Most people are familiar with stainless metal brackets and wire braces. An archwire connects all the brackets to apply pressure to move the teeth. Tiny elastic bands are also used to add more tension.

For most adults, braces treatment lasts from six months to three years. It depends on the severity of your dental problems. The average cost for traditional metal braces is between $5,500 to $8,000 AUD.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic type braces use the same approach to straightening teeth as the metal type. The difference is that they have ceramic/porcelain, tooth-coloured brackets.

This makes them less visible. You should plan to pay between $6,000 and $9,000 AUD for ceramic braces.

With both types of braces, oral hygiene can be more challenging. It’s important to follow good tooth-brushing techniques and use a fluoride mouthwash. This extra fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Damon Braces

The Australian Dental Journal defines these braces as self-ligating. They use a slide mechanism. This means you won’t have to attach elastic bands to the archwire.

The Damon braces create less pressure and friction on the teeth. Thus, they’re more comfortable and often need fewer orthodontist visits.

They may also give you quicker results. Lingual type braces cost between $9,000 and $12,000 AUD.

Removable Aligners

Many people are now choosing removable aligners instead of traditional braces. They’re clear plastic and essentially invisible.

Each aligner is custom-made for your mouth. The cost for this option varies based on the brand you choose.

You’ll place the aligners over your teeth like you would wear a mouthguard. The aligner is usually worn for ten days and applies pressure to your teeth. Then you will change to the next set that moves your teeth further.

Depending on your situation, you may continue this process for four to six months. For some people, it takes a year to get all their teeth in the right place.

You can get quicker results than with traditional braces. It’s important to note that this is only true if you wear them almost continuously. If you don’t, the teeth will move back if you go without them for too long.

When you eat, you’ll take the aligners out, so they don’t get damaged. This makes it easier to enjoy your meal. You can also remove them to brush and floss your teeth which promotes good oral hygiene.

Option for Less Expensive Clear Aligners

SmilePath offers several programs for buying clear aligners. This allows you to choose the plan that best suits your financial situation.

The SmileAdvantage option allows you to pay a one-time fee of $1499 AUD. It includes the impression kit, clear aligners, and retainers. You’ll also get a tooth whitening kit and two extra sets of retainers for free.

The SmileFlex plan gives you the option to pay $84 AUD in 18 monthly instalments. This covers the impression kit, clear aligners, and retainers. It also includes a tooth whitening kit and two extra sets of retainers at no extra charge.

The SmileFlex Easy instalment plan spreads the payments out over twelve months. After a down payment of $295 AUD, you pay $117 AUD per month. They don’t conduct a credit check and accept all major forms of payment.

The Benefits of Choosing Clear Aligners

One of the top benefits is that they’re invisible so no more “brace face”. You can also now buy them through online services without seeing an orthodontist. This saves you time and money.

These plastic aligners are smooth so they don’t scrape or dig into your cheeks. This makes them more comfortable than traditional braces with brackets.

They are removable. It gives you the benefit to take them off if you don’t feel like wearing anything on your teeth for an important meeting or a public gathering.

When you order the aligners online, you’ll receive a starter kit. First, you make an impression of your upper and lower teeth. Then send this back to the company.

Their trained experts will make your aligners from these impressions. You’ll receive your aligners and instructions in the mail. If you have questions, contact the company to get answers.

Once your teeth are in the right place, you’ll start wearing retainers. It’s important to use these retainers to keep your teeth from moving out of place.

Do You Want to Straighten Your Teeth Without Orthodontist Treatment?

The articles provided an overview of different methods for correcting orthodontic problems. It also answered the question, “How much are braces in Australia?”

At SmilePath we work directly with our customers to help you get the smile you want. Everything is handled online and through the mail. Our goal is to make this process comfortable physically and financially.

We’re now offering the SMILEPATH Smile Protection Plan. You’ll receive a six-year supply of clear retainers to make sure you don’t lose that perfect smile.


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