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Clear Aligners Cost

Only $1,674 $1395

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Our most affordable, one time payment plan. Impression kit, Clear Aligners and a set of Retainers included.

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An easy installment plan. Just 18 monthly installments of
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Free Holiday Gift Pack Worth $210

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SmileFlex Pro

An easy installment plan. 52 Installments of per fortnight* with downpayment
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SmileFlex Easy

An easy installment plan of /mo for 6 months with down payment (Total
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Clear Aligners Cost


Most affordable, one-time payment plan including an Impression kit, Clear Aligners, and a set of Retainers.

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SmilePath Flex

An easy installment plan of just 18 monthly installments.

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SmilePath Flex Pro (Fortnight)

An easy fortnight installment plan with 52 Installments with a down payment.

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SmilePath Flex Easy

No credit check, easy installment plan for 6 months with down payment. All major forms of payment are accepted

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Still unsure? Get started with an impression kit for just $75.00 $29.99.

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or 4 interest-free payments of $7.50 with

NightOnly Clear Aligners

Straighten your teeth while you sleep

NightOnly Clear Aligner treatment is a safe and effective way to straighten teeth for a perfect smile. This includes the same benefits of our regular clear aligners but required less time to wear them at night only.

Wear Time



Treatment Duration



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Get Your Impression Kit

Create perfect dental impressions at home with expert guidance from our smile specialist through a free video call.

$75.00 $29.99. only

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Visit Your Nearest SmilePath 3D Scan Center

Start your smile transformation journey with a cost-effective 3D scan for your clear aligner treatment.

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Get Straighter Teeth in 3 Simple Steps


First Impression Counts

Choose between a convenient digital scan at SmilePath's Smile Studio or our hassle-free impression kit for at-home use.


Let’s Get Things Straight

Based on your specific needs, a customized treatment plan will be designed by our team of expert technicians.


Go Ahead, Smile!

Start wearing your customized clear aligners and get straighter teeth for just $1395 in one go or a month.

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Smile Protection Plan

Now with SMILEPATH Smile Protection Plan get additional protection for your straightened smile. With the plan, get 8 sets of clear retainers to ensure those Pearlies stay straight.

Order Now At Just $872 $719
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Get $100 for simply referring a friend.

Spread the word about our clear braces, help your friends get $25 off their clear aligners and earn $100 every time a friend opts for Smile Advantage or Night Advantage Plan!

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Use Our Innovative AlignerTracker App To Track Your Treatment Progress

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If our expert dental team determines that our clear braces treatment is not the best fit for you, you will be refunded the full cost of your impression kit.

Order Your Impression Kit

 $75.00 $29.99. only

or 4 interest-free payments of $7.50 with

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What are Clear Aligners?

Aligners are clear, snug-fitting, customized & removable appliances that aid in the movement or straightening of teeth.

How do Clear Aligners work?

It is a series of aligners that fit over your teeth and apply precise force to correct their position.

How long does the treatment last?

Depending on the severity of the case, you might only wear them for 4-6 months on average.

Can we eat & drink with Aligners in?

Our Team of Experts strongly discourages you to eat/chew or drink hot & cold beverages with the aligners in, as they can damage the Aligners. You can only drink water while having them in.

How often should I change my Aligner?

Each set of Aligners is to be worn for 10 days.

For how long should I wear the Aligners during the day?

You should wear your aligners for 20–22 hours each day. it is essential to wear them as prescribed; otherwise, it may delay the treatment process.

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Order Now At Just $1,674 $1395