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Only $1899.00 $1499.00


Our most affordable, one time payment plan. Impression kit, Clear Aligners and a set of Retainers included.

Only $117.00 $84.00/mo


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Only $150.00 $117.00/mo

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An easy installment plan of $150.00 $117.00/mo for 12 months with $295.00 down payment (Total $2099 $1699)
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NightOnly Clear Aligners

Straighten your teeth while you sleep

NightOnly Clear Aligner treatment is a safe and effective way to straighten teeth for a perfect smile. This includes the same benefits of our regular clear aligners but required due to wear them at night only.

Wear Time



Treatment Duration



Night-Only Clear Aligners

Get Straighter Teeth in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1

First impressions count

To begin your teeth straightening process order an impression kit at just $55.00 (limited time offer) to take your dental impression at home and send them back to our team.

Step 2 - Let’s get things straight

Step 2

Let’s get things straight

We will create a customized clear aligners treatment plan designed by our specialized team of experts.

STEP 3 - Go ahead. Smile

Step 3

Go ahead. Smile.

Watch the magic happen as your new smile showcases straighter teeth at just $1899.00 in one go or $150.00 a month.

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There is a set of clear aligners and each aligner puts a precise force on your teeth to correct their position.

Depending on the severity of the case, you might only wear them for 6 months or up to a year.

Absolutely not, you have to remove the aligners because it can break or damage your clear aligners.

You should wear each set of clear aligners for 2 weeks.

Straight Teeth, Without The Hassle Of Braces

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