Introducing SmilePath Retainer

Your Key to a Lasting, Beautiful Smile

Invisible Comfort
Invisible Comfort Vector

Invisible Comfort: Provides a snug and discreet fit.

Durable Quality
Durable Quality Vector

Durable Quality: Built with top-notch materials for lasting use.

Smile Preservation
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Smile Preservation: Maintains your beautiful smile effortlessly.

Why Use a Retainer?

To lock in the results of your orthodontic treatment, ensuring your smile stays straight and beautiful.

Why use retainer

Who Needs a Retainer?

Ideal for anyone post-orthodontic treatment or those wanting to prevent teeth from shifting over time.

Who Needs a Retainer

What's the material?

Made from BPA-free, stain-resistant transparent plastic, our invisible retainers provide a custom, snug fit to blend seamlessly into your daily life.

What's the material

How Does a Retainer Help?

They prevent teeth from moving back to their original positions after orthodontic treatment, ensuring your smile lasts forever.

How Does a Retainer Help

When to Use a Retainer?

Primarily at night or as recommended to keep your teeth aligned post-treatment, especially critical in the initial months to prevent shifting.

When to Use a Retainer

Retain Your Smile with Custom-Fit Retainer

Our Smilepath Teeth Retainer are crafted for comfort and stealth, fitting your mouth so well they're nearly invisible. Perfect for keeping your smile aligned and attractive, our clear retainer work discreetly, whether you're at work or on vacation.

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Customer-Fit Retainer

How to Get Your Custom Retainer

Follow These Steps to Get Your Night Guard at Your Access

Place Your Retainer Order

Place Your Retainer Order

Start by purchasing your Retainer kit. Once your order is placed, we'll dispatch an impression kit to your address, complete with straightforward instructions for use.

Make Your Impression

Make Your Impression

Utilize the provided materials to make an accurate impression of your teeth, following our detailed guide. Once done, send the impression back to us for the next step.

Receive Your Custom Retainer

Receive Your Custom Retainer

With your impression as our guide, we'll craft a Retainer specifically tailored for your dental structure. Expect your custom-fit retainer to arrive at your doorstep.

Why Choose SmilePath for Your Retainer Needs?

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do SmilePath Retainer work?

Smilepath Retainer are custom-made using impressions of your teeth. They're designed to maintain the alignment of your teeth after orthodontic treatment or prevent natural shifting over time.

Who should use Smilepath Retainer?

Anyone who has completed orthodontic treatment or wishes to maintain their current smile can benefit from Smilepath Retainer. They're suitable for all ages.

How do I create my teeth impression?

You'll receive an Impressions Kit with detailed instructions. Simply follow the steps to create your impression, then send it back to us using the prepaid envelope provided.

How often should I wear my retainer?

Initially, it's often recommended to wear your retainers full-time for a few months, then transition to nighttime wear. However, follow the specific advice of your dental professional.

Can I order extra sets of retainer?

Yes, you can order additional sets at a discounted rate. Having spare retainers ensures you're always prepared, whether you're traveling or need a replacement.

What if my retainers don't fit?

We strive for perfect fitment, but if there are any issues with your retainers, contact us immediately. We offer adjustments or replacements to ensure your satisfaction.

How do I care for my retainers?

Clean your retainers daily with a soft toothbrush and cold water. Avoid hot water, as it can warp the material. For deeper cleaning, use a retainer cleaner.

Is there a warranty on SmilePath Retainer?

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on our retainers. If you're not happy with the quality or fit, we'll work with you to make it right.

How long will my retainers last?

With proper care, SmilePath Retainer can last for several years. However, we recommend replacing them periodically to ensure the best fit and hygiene.