Receding Gums and Teeth Straightening

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 receding gums

Orthodontic treatments for teeth Straightening have now become prevalent. It helps patients get a perfectly aligned smile, improving their overall appearance and boosting confidence. However, patients who look forward to teeth straightening procedures should know what to expect and the potential impact of teeth straightening. In this blog, we will discuss gum recession, its causes, and the significant impact of teeth straightening on gum recession.

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What is the Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a periodontal condition in which the root of your teeth is more exposed. The tissues surrounding teeth start to pull back, making evident gaps between your teeth and gums. It leads to an easy approach for bacteria to build up plaque and tooth decay or makes it more prone to other gum diseases. As a result of gum recession, your teeth start to look longer than usual and are more prone to sensitivity.

Causes of the Gum Recession

Gum recession can be due to different underlying causes you are unaware of. Some of the common causes of gum recession include the following.


Aging is one of the predominant causes of recession. As we age, our gums naturally start receding, making our teeth visually longer and exposing us to gum diseases.

Brushing harshly

It is a myth that brushing can clean your teeth better. However, aggressive brushing can lead to recession. Your gum tissue can start to move, which could even result in bleeding in your gums.

Gum diseases

Gum diseases are caused due to bacteria which can further cause your gums to recede.


Some people are more likely to get gum recession due to their genetic makeup.

Orthodontal treatments

Gum recession might be caused as a result of orthodontic treatments like traditional braces or aligners. The possible movement of your teeth might cause the gum tissue to pull away.


Sometimes, if you have misaligned or crowded teeth, your teeth might exert pressure on your gums. This could result in a gum recession.

Hormonal fluctuations

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, puberty, or due to menopause can result in sensitive teeth making you prone to gum recession.

Impact of teeth straightening on gum recession

Teeth straightening is widely popular for providing the best smile of your dreams. Several teeth straightening procedures include traditional braces, clear aligners, and more. An orthodontic patient can look forward to any teeth straightening options that best suit their case severity. However, if you are considering teeth straightening procedures, you should also know the possible impact of teeth straightening on gum recession.

Thin Gum Tissue

Studies have shared mixed reviews on the impact of teeth straightening on gum recession. Braces, let alone, do not contribute to gum recession. However, in some cases, the teeth movements occur in a way that causes gums to be more prone to recession. For instance, the roots are also moved when teeth are moved towards the outside of the alveolar bone. The bone is lost, and the tissue is stretched, making the thin gum more susceptible to gum recession.

Periodontal Diseases due to Braces

Apart from the thinning of gum tissue, periodontal diseases can also lead to gum recession. Periodontal disease is known as the buildup of plaque. Oral hygiene is often compromised during teeth straightening procedures, i.e., braces. It leads to stains and discoloration due to a lack of proper brushing in the presence of brackets and wires. This oral hygiene practice could lead to periodontal disease, resulting in gum recession.

How to Overcome Gum Recession

Gum recession can be prevented in the early stages with the help of the following practices during your orthodontic treatments.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene

Regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing can help prevent any sort of buildup and plaque along the gumline.

Gentle Brushing

Always brush your teeth gently in regular circular motions. Moreover, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid any damage to your tissue gums.

Monitoring your diet

Limit intake of sugar and starchy food and beverages as they contribute to tooth decay or any gum disease.

Avoid Clenching

Your dentist might recommend you a night guard to avoid clenching and teeth grinding.

Regular dental checkups

You can always consult professional help to get your teeth cleaned and monitor your gum health as well.

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Gum recession can be caused due to different factors. The teeth straightening procedure might be one of the causes when the treatment allows teeth movement in a way that impacts gum tissues. However, with proper oral hygiene, you can maintain or overcome gum recession.


1. What is the Gum Recession?

Gum recession is when the tissues around your gums start to pull away exposing your roots. It makes the teeth look longer than usual and makes them more sensitive.

2. Does braces have any impact on gum recession?

Yes, sometimes braces tend to exert pressure on the gums in a way that might cause recession.

3. How to overcome gum recession?

To overcome gum recession you can sustain proper oral hygiene, having regular dental visits, gentle brushing, and avoiding clenching.

4. What are the causes of gum recession?

Gum diseases, aging, genetics, and aggressive brushing are the known causes of gum recession.

4. Does teeth straightening cause gums to recede?

Teeth straightening procedures exert mild to moderate pressure on teeth. Sometimes, the pressure makes the teeth move in a way that might result in gum recession. However, it is not the result in every case.

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