Clear Aligners: Before and After Results

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 clear aligners

Discover the real smile transformations of people from all around Australia with SmilePath Clear Aligners. Using these clear aligners, orthodontic patients have not only achieved the perfect smile of their dreams. But have become much more confident regarding their physical appearance overall. These stories include dental disorders including cross bites, crooked teeth, gaps in teeth, and overlapping problems.

1. Abdirizak Abdalla

Crooked Teeth

Issue: Crooked Teeth

Treatment Duration: 7 months

Abdirazak Abdalla had been facing crooked teeth for a long time. It not only shattered his confidence but also caused other issues impacting his overall oral health. To deal with his crooked teeth, he opted for Clear Aligners by SmilePath. Over time, Abdirazak started to notice gradual changes in his teeth alignment. Within 7 months, he got his teeth aligned with Clear Aligners. It not only helped him get perfectly aligned teeth but also helped him get self-assurance to be confident with his overall appearance.

2. Adrienne Pearson

Teeth Gap

Issue: Teeth Gap

Treatment Duration: 6 Months

Adrienne Pearson had gaps in her teeth which has not only somehow impacted her confidence but she was also insecure with her smile. To overcome her insecurities, she chose to go for Clear Aligner treatment by SmilePath. These aligners helped get her teeth aligned without even getting noticed. Adrienne gradually saw visible changes in her teeth moving and filling up those gaps. Within six months, Adrienne got her teeth gaps filled and was able to get her dream smile. This quick transformation depicts the effectiveness of Clear Aligners.

3. Angela Jordan

Misaligned Bite

Issue: Misaligned Bite

Treatment Duration: 9 months

Angela had a misaligned bite which caused her disturbance while chewing. Moreover, she was also insecure about her overall appearance due to her smile. To fix her smile and bite issue, Angela opted for SmilePath Clear Aligners. Her journey lasted for around nine months and Angela got her smile fixed. The effectiveness of clear aligners gave a boost to Angela’s confidence and an aligned smile.

4. April Cox

Open Bite

Issue: Open Bite

Treatment Duration: 10 months

April Cox chose a ten-month-long SmilePath Clear Aligner treatment for her open bite issue. Having an open bite caused her multiple issues including bite problems, often speech difficulty, and most importantly she had smile issues. However, with the treatment of clear aligners, she got her issues resolved and her teeth gaps filled. In addition to enhanced oral health, she got a dream smile post-aligner treatment.

5. Devon Osborne

Crooked Teeth

Issue: Crooked Teeth

Treatment Duration: 10 months

Having crooked teeth does not mean you cannot achieve the smile of your dreams. Devon Osborne, an enthusiastic girl, had issues due to her crooked teeth. It disturbed her for not having an ideal smile, also impacting her overall appearance. However, she was keen to get her teeth fixed when she thought of opting for SmilePath Clear Aligners. In her case, it took her 10 months to get her teeth perfectly aligned. With every passing month, she was able to get visible results without even getting noticed. After the successful completion of her journey, she was confident and a self-assured girl with a smile that she always wanted.

6. Aida Pimentel

Gap in Front Teeth

Issue: Gap in Front Teeth

Treatment Duration: 5 months

Aida faced a prominent gap in her front teeth. She found the solution for her prominent gap through Smilepath Clear Aligners. Within only five months, she was able to see her gap filled. Aida not only got her gap filled but she was also able to get a smile to flaunt. Her quick results showcase the effectiveness of SmilePath Clear Aligners.

7. Alyssa Blattler

Misaligned Teeth

Issue: Misaligned Teeth

Treatment Duration: 10 months

Alyssa had been facing misalignment in her teeth. She is fond of taking pictures which is why she always wanted to get her smile fixed. Alyssa decided to opt for SmilePath Clear Aligners to get her teeth fixed and started her teeth alignment journey. With time Alyssa was able to see incredible changes in her alignment. It not only helped her fix her smile but also gave her self-assurance with her overall appearance. She could now look forward to showcasing her beautifully aligned smile.

8. Darren Potts

Gap in Front Teeth

Issue: Gap in Front Teeth

Treatment Duration: 4 months

Darren had a noticeable gap in his front teeth with slight misalignment overall. However, to overcome this issue, he began his SmilePath Clear Aligner journey. Only within four months, Darren was excited to see the sudden changes fixing his gap. With these effective results, Darren got assurance regarding the effectiveness of SmilePath. He is now confident to showcase his perfectly aligned teeth with no more gaps. The idea of opting for SmilePath Clear Aligner treatment transformed his overall appearance granting him more confidence.

9. Edgar Silva


Issue: Spacing

Treatment Duration: 5 months

Edgar Silva, a young boy from Australia had visible spacing between his teeth. Teeth spacing could be due to different factors, however, these can be fixed with aligner treatment. To get his spaces filled he chose SmilePath Clear Aligners. With the effective nature of these clear aligners, Edgar was able to see transformation in his teeth spaces. The spaces started to fill with the passage of time and only in five months, Edgar got his teeth aligned.


Begin your journey of self-assurance and confidence with SmilePath and enjoy the incredible transformations. Get your dental issues like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, spacing, overlapping, and more fixed with SmilePath Clear Aligners. A journey of Clear Aligners will assist you with your mild to moderate dental concerns. Moreover, these success stories will help you in making your decision. So, embark on a journey to transform your smile today.

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