Discover the Secret: Is Teeth Polishing Equal to Teeth Whitening? Learn the Truth!

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Teeth Polishing

In the pursuit of a dazzling smile, different dental procedures are used to enhance smile. Two popular options to improve the appearance of your smile include teeth whitening and teeth polishing. However, both of the procedures are often confused.

Let us delve into the complete understanding of teeth polishing and whitening in this guide. We will help you discover how both the procedures work, their benefits, and a comparison to conclude which procedure suits you better.

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What is Teeth Polishing?

Healthy teeth and gums enhance your overall appearance making a person feel more confident. Teeth polishing is often regarded as dental prophylaxis, a procedure carried out to smooth tooth surfaces making them more glossy and lustrous.

The term teeth polishing is used for the removal of stains and soft deposits on the teeth. During the process, any stains, biofilm, or plaque buildup are removed entirely, making the appearance of teeth perfectly brighter.

Benefits of Teeth Polishing

Smooth Teeth

For people who have just undergone a teeth straightening procedure; clear aligner treatment or metal braces can get their polished on treatment completion. It helps to smooth the texture of your teeth which is often compromised during a teeth straightening method.

Stain Removal

An orthodontic treatment often makes oral hygiene a challenge. However, getting your teeth polished can help you get rid of those unwanted stains.

Understanding Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Before and After Teeth Whitening Comparison

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps to brighten teeth to transform your smile. Over time your teeth may turn yellow due to factors including; age, lifestyle factors, or certain eating patterns.

When it comes to teeth polishing, it focuses on the surface stains, whereas, teeth whitening deeply impacts the dental enamel and acts on the pigments to brighten your smile.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Effective treatment

If you look forward to brightening your smile for any upcoming event, teeth whitening is the best option for you. It will provide you with gradual results giving an enhanced smile.

Raises Confidence

Having a perfectly brightened smile plays a key role in the appearance of the individual. Teeth whitening results in a perfectly brightened smile benefiting you in raising your confidence.

Gradual change in color

If your teeth have discolored due to any of the underlying factors, you can get it fixed by getting your teeth whitened through any of the whitening options.

Methods of Teeth Whitening

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Health-whitened teeth can be achieved at home. There are plenty of teeth whitening kits available in the market to cater to the needs of individuals. These teeth whitening kits are designed to provide effective whitening to the teeth.

It is not conducted under the supervision of an expert but done at home. Moreover, the bleaching agent in the at-home teeth whitening kits is comparatively lower than in-office teeth whitening. It is the ideal option for individuals with busy routines wanting to brighten their smile.

Teeth Whitening in Office

If you want to get your teeth whitened by an expert, in-office teeth whitening is the best option for you. You can book an appointment with an expert and get your teeth whitened under their supervision. This type of whitening is gradual and effective.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening can be concluded through whitening strips. These are effective and rapid solutions to brighten your smile.

Whitening Trays

Whitening trays provide a more uniform whitening of all of the teeth. By following the guidelines as prescribed one can get a brighter smile in no time.

Whitening Pens

Whitening pens are a portable option to get your teeth whitened from the comfort of your home.

Comparing Teeth Whitening and Polishing


While teeth polishing is more focused on providing a smoother tooth surface by clearing out all the stains and any plaque buildup on the tooth. It does not have any effect on the color of the teeth.

Whereas, teeth whitening helps to brighten tooth color making the appearance of teeth brighter. Whitening procedures impact the color of the tooth by acting on both surface stains and intrinsic factors of the tooth.

Duration of the procedure

Teeth polishing can be concluded as a regular dental procedure in one sitting within a few minutes. Whereas teeth whitening may take an hour or so, and at-home teeth whitening may require several hours over a week or two.


Teeth polishing is effective for surface stains to maintain regular oral hygiene. Teeth whitening procedures are effective in providing more in-depth cleaning and changing the appearance of your teeth especially the ones conducted under expert supervision.

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To summarize, a dazzling smile leaves a lasting impression. Teeth whitening and teeth polishing are both dental procedures to enhance the smile and overall appearance of an individual. Both options have their benefits, however, you must consult with your dentist before proceeding.


1. What is teeth polishing?

Teeth polishing is a procedure considered to maintain the oral hygiene of an individual. It helps to provide a lustrous and glossy look to the teeth by removing stains and making the surface of the teeth smooth.

2. What is the difference between teeth polishing and whitening?

Teeth polishing helps to remove tooth stains and plaque build-up. Whereas, teeth whitening helps in changing tooth color making it more bright.

3. Who can get their teeth whitened?

Anyone with tooth discoloration due to any factors can get their teeth whitened. Teeth whitening can be achieved at home or in the office under the supervision of an expert.

4.Can teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening may lead to temporary sensitivity, which is often felt while consuming hot or cold beverages and fades away over time.

5. Can I whiten my teeth at home?

Yes, you can easily get your teeth whitened from the comfort of your home. At-home teeth whitening options include whitening trays, strips, gels, or whitening pens.

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