Does DIY Teeth Straightening Work?

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Table of contents

  1. What Are DIY Teeth Straightening Hacks?
    1. Why They’re Growing in Popularity
    2. Types of Teeth Straightening Hacks
  2. What Is Mewing?
    1. Does Mewing Work?
    2. Possible Risks
  3. How to Actually Straighten Teeth at Home
    1. What Are Clear Aligners?
    2. How Clear Aligners Work
    3. Benefits of Clear Aligners
  4. Easy and Effective Teeth Straightening at Home

What if you could straighten teeth at home without suffering through the pain of braces?

Recently, DIY teeth straightening hacks have been promising exactly that. But that promise comes with some risks and may not help your teeth at all.

Find out why, and learn a better solution for at-home teeth straightening.

What Are DIY Teeth Straightening Hacks?

DIY teeth straightening hacks were born out of the “life hack” culture often found online. Life hacks give clever, simple solutions to life problems, and many of them are DIY.

Recently, these life hacks have reached dental care. And for those wanting straighter teeth, teeth straightening hacks claim to be the solution.

Why They’re Growing in Popularity

As social media grows, so does the number of DIY teeth straightening hacks.

On social media platforms, people can say or post virtually anything—even if it’s not true. For years, people have been disproving hack content online. But still, hacks like teeth straightening hacks are still posted and shared, often going viral for how too-good-to-be-true they seem (and actually are).

When it comes to teeth straightening specifically, these hacks are likely popular because of how convenient they are. Hacks to straighten your teeth appear to be easy, free, and painless. For people wanting a straight smile, these hacks might seem harmless and worth trying.

Types of Teeth Straightening Hacks

DIY teeth straightening techniques have ranged from fake braces (which can be highly toxic and even deadly to use) to wearing rubber bands around teeth (which are not as dangerous but still carry some significant dental health risks).

One recent trend is mewing, a hack that claims to improve your smile and jawline.

What Is Mewing?

Though mewing isn’t as invasive as fake braces or rubber bands, it’s another DIY hack that you shouldn’t try at home.

To understand what mewing is, here are the steps that make up this teeth straightening method:

  1. Rest your mouth.
  2. Move your bottom teeth behind your upper teeth.
  3. Press your tongue into the roof of your mouth.
  4. Keep your tongue resting behind your teeth, not touching them.

Some use this technique to change their jaw (which some think can help teeth shift), while others use it to push on the teeth in an attempt at moving or straightening them.

Does Mewing Work?

So far, there have been no studies showing that mewing helps your teeth or any other dental health-related issues. In 2019, the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery made a statement against mewing, saying, “the public needs to be made aware that it is not based on sound scientific evidence.”

But like many trendy hacks, it’s easy to find before and after photos online that seem to suggest otherwise. However, it’s important to remember that photos can be misleading. Changing lighting, angles, or even gaining or losing weight over time can make our faces and mouths look different in different photos.

Possible Risks

Not only does mewing not work for straightening teeth, but it also carries some risks and dangers.

Some risks include misalignment of the teeth, misalignment of the jaw, pain in the jaw, and loose or chipped teeth from pressure.

DIY teeth straightening treatments are not only ineffective at improving your smile, but they may also lead to more dental health issues that require care from a dentist or orthodontist.

How to Actually Straighten Teeth at Home

It’s clear that trendy hacks to straighten your teeth don’t work and can even be dangerous. Still, you may wish to avoid traditional braces or visiting a clinic several times to achieve straighter teeth.

Thankfully, clear aligners are one effective and safe at-home option.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are invisible aligners worn over the teeth. They’re custom-made and are designed to fit and straighten your teeth over time.

With at-home aligners, everything is done remotely, from the initial impressions and moulding to the design of your personal treatment plan.

How Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligners make small movements at a time based on the shape of the aligner.

The aligner creates a small amount of pressure, which helps the teeth to move into their correct, straight spot in the mouth. When using aligners, a set is designed for you specifically, and you change the aligner periodically to keep your teeth moving gradually over time.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

There are several benefits of clear aligners that make them a great choice for those wanting straight teeth.

If you want a “DIY” option, without the risk of trying online hacks and fads, clear aligners are an ideal solution. You never have to visit an office, and you can continue straightening your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

Clear aligners are also affordable. Get straighter teeth without draining your wallet, and choose a plan that works for your budget.

Clear aligners are also extremely convenient. The invisible design means they never get in the way of socializing or looking good in photos.

Aligners are also removable, so you can choose when to wear them. They can be taken out to brush your teeth or, for example, when going on a job interview. There are also some designed to be worn only while you sleep, like our NightOnly Clear Aligners.

And when clear aligners are worn, they’re comfortable and non-invasive.

Easy and Effective Teeth Straightening at Home

Improving your smile doesn’t have to mean trying risky DIY teeth straightening hacks or wasting time with ineffective trends.

SmilePath Clear Aligners are a convenient, safe, and effective way to straighten teeth at home. Save money, and time, by skipping the social media hacks: get started with clear aligners today by taking our free assessment to find the right plan for you!