How to Get Straight Teeth Quickly

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Your smile is your greatest asset! Taking care of your teeth has benefits such as having confidence. Your smile can influence your social life, career, and even your relationships. Did you know that from 2017 to 2018, 50% of people had their dentist appointment? This number shows that people are becoming more aware of their oral health. A regular dental check-up is essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Are you looking for tips on how to get straight teeth in a short period? Keep on reading and learn how to get that perfect smile here!

How to Get Straight Teeth?

Before getting your teeth straightened, you need to understand how teeth move. Understanding the process will help you to choose options for teeth straightening. It will also help you know what causes teeth to shift in adults. One of the reasons teeth moves is gum disease. When the gums weaken, the teeth grow weak. This issue is because the gums are the support system of the teeth. Tooth decay is another factor in having misaligned teeth. It makes the bones smaller and leaves spaces between the teeth. These spaces cause the teeth to move and misalign. Losing a tooth can also cause the teeth to misalign. Removing a tooth can cause the others to move. Grinding and clenching are other factors that affect the alignment of the teeth. Some adults grind and clench their teeth while sleeping. This issue causes the teeth to loosen and shift position. Changes that come with age cause the teeth to change positions. When a person grows older, the lower jaw narrows and moves. This problem can cause crowding and shifting, especially in the lower teeth. Part of getting straight teeth is addressing the issues that cause it. An excellent oral hygiene routine can prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. Wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth while you sleep. Some benefits of oral care include preventing bad breath. You can lessen the cost of health care when you have an excellent oral care routine.

How can teeth misalignment be harmful?

Not having perfectly aligned teeth might not be a problem for a lot of people until it starts triggering other issues which can cause problems for their overall health. This doesn’t just remain about their dental hygiene anymore but affects their physical health as well. Following are some of the issues, misaligned teeth can create:
  • Teeth misalignment can result in the crowding of teeth which can make eating or chewing a difficult task for you and also cause speech defects such as a lisp which can make it difficult to be understood.
  • It results in bad dental hygiene as misaligned teeth are extremely difficult to clean. You might brush with extra care however, some bits and pieces of what you last ate, can still be stuck in between your teeth.
  • As misaligned teeth are difficult to clean, they can result in tooth decay, gum diseases and chipped teeth. This can cause you unnecessary pain and give an unpleasant appearance to your teeth.
  • The biggest drawback of having misaligned teeth is the defects it causes in your facial features. Your lower or upper jaw might protrude forward, giving you an odd face structure.
  • The effects of teeth misalignment is not solely limited to your oral health but extends futher to causing headaches and temporomandibular joint disorder which can cause the jaw to get locked and would need surgery to be cured.

How to Straighten Teeth

Patients usually ask how to get quick straight teeth. There are many factors to consider because every case is unique. Aligning the teeth has a process that ensures the effectiveness of the procedure. Straightening your teeth starts with a visit to the clinic. Dentists and orthodontists help patients improve overall oral health. Dentists specialize in dealing with the teeth, gums, and nerves. Orthodontists are dentists that deal with misaligned and crowded teeth. They help patients deal with problems with the jaw. Orthodontists also help in cases of underbite and overbite. The second step is choosing what method to use. It could be traditional braces or clear teeth aligners.

Traditional Braces

Getting traditional braces can take one to three years. The process starts with a consultation with an orthodontist. During this step, the orthodontist will look at your teeth to see how long your treatment will take. Your orthodontist will take pictures of your face, mouth, and smile. During this visit, they may even take impressions of your teeth. On your next visit, you will go through the process of placing the braces. First, they will clean your teeth to prevent bacteria build-up. Next, they will attach metal brackets to each tooth using bonding glue. Regular visits to the clinic for maintenance and adjustments will be the next step. After you go through getting braces, your orthodontist can now remove them. Then, you will go through retainer fittings. These retainers will ensure that your teeth will not shift in alignment.

Clear Teeth Aligners

Clear teeth aligners are devices that straighten your teeth in a gradual phase. Aligners are clear plastic trays that fit onto your teeth. It uses gentle pressure to straighten your teeth. These devices are effective in addressing issues like overbites and underbites. The benefits of clear teeth aligners include comfort and convenience. You can remove them while eating and brushing your teeth. Since they are clear, other people won’t know you have one. They are an invisible solution that can improve your smile. Adults who are self-conscious about wearing traditional braces can get clear aligners. Since they are low-maintenance, you will not have a strict diet. In 4 to 6 months, you can get straighter teeth. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways of teeth straightening. You can straighten teeth at home with clear teeth aligners. You can have an impression at home and receive your customized clear teeth aligners. Rinsing the trays is one of the methods of clear teeth aligner maintenance. Following an oral hygiene routine is another way to take care of teeth aligners.

Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, straight teeth also have health and social benefits! A beautiful smile improves your appearance and your well-being. So, what are the other benefits of having straight teeth? Overcrowded and crooked teeth are harder to maintain and clean. This issue is because of the tight pockets between them. It traps food and drinks particles that affect how you brush your teeth. Food trapped between teeth can cause build-up that leads to tooth decay. Straight teeth are easier to clean and, food is less likely to build up. Having straight teeth makes practising proper oral hygiene easy. You can avoid other causes of tooth decay and cavities by having straight teeth. Get rid of crooked teeth to help lessen health complications from poor oral health. Your gum health also improves with an excellent oral health routine. The social benefits of having straight teeth include boosting your self-esteem. Having low self-esteem can even impact your performance at work. Take care of your teeth to enhance your aesthetic and improve your health.

Improve Your Smile Today!

You may choose to have braces, but clear teeth aligners are the fastest way to straighten teeth. These are the things you can do to get straight teeth! Remember that your smile is one of your most valuable assets. Boost your confidence and improve your health by taking care of your dental health. Are you looking to straighten your teeth? Take a free assessment and start your journey towards achieving that perfect smile!

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