Teeth Straightening Options: Which Is The Right One For You?

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In your day-to-day life, your smile can serve multiple purposes. It is a fantastic communication tool that can break down barriers between people. Intuitively, smiling is our go-to reaction when you meet someone for the first time. Why? Because it’s a universal, cross-cultural greeting that puts everyone at ease. Even in your professional career, smiling can make a great deal of difference. In a job interview, recruiters are more likely to hire candidates that smile a lot as they communicate.

Not everyone is proud of their smile. Does getting braces improve your fortune? The experts agree. Sixty-two percent of adult Australians think that a crooked smile is unattractive. Even in casual conversation, you may avoid smiling because you're self-conscious about how your teeth seem if they're too close together or too far apart. Consequently, you smile less, which may have serious long-term effects on your professional life, social life, and mental health.

Straight teeth can improve your appearance and confidence in social and professional settings. If your smile is making you self-conscious, it's natural that you would think about corrective measures. To assist you in selecting the most appropriate teeth straightening method, we have produced a handbook outlining the many options for doing so.

Can I straighten my teeth as an adult?

A lot of people tend to associate teeth braces with teenage years. However, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t straighten their teeth. To understand how things work, you need to understand how your teeth are maintained inside your mouth. Teeth are attached by their roots to the jawbones. As you are growing up, aka as a teenager, the bones are not fully set. As a result, it makes it easier to remove your crooked smile with teeth braces.

Additionally, it’s fair to say that your teeth are more likely to shift during puberty. Indeed, as the body grows, a lot of children tend to get their first adult teeth before the jawbones can grow to their full size. Therefore, your smile can feel crowded. For some teenagers, teeth can correct themselves and fall back into a straight position as they grow. But, for many, teeth straightening options are necessary to fix their smiles.

It isn’t recommended to use teeth braces in young children, as the bones and teeth are not fully set. In fact, worrying about straight teeth at an early age can have detrimental effects. In rare cases, orthodontists can recommend specialist braces for young children to address speech and eating issues caused by teeth.

How does it affect adults? As your jaw tissues set, it doesn’t mean you can’t use teeth braces in adulthood. There may be many reasons why you may want braces. Adult teeth can shift considerably over time, even if you used to wear metal braces as a teenager. Some adults didn’t need braces when they were growing up and may need some in later years. Often, wisdom teeth growing in early adulthood are responsible for delayed shifting! Sometimes, you didn’t pursue teeth straightening options growing up but wish to address the issue now. You can straighten your teeth at almost any time in your life, as long as your teeth are not loose.

What are the different teeth braces options?

Metal teeth braces

Metal braces are the most commonly known teeth straightening options. Most people know someone who needed to wear metal teeth braces growing up. Basically, the braces consist of metal brackets, which are placed on each tooth. Two thin metal wires run through all brackets, one for the borrow row (the mandible) and one for the upper row of teeth (the maxilla). Elastic bands hold the wires in place at each side of the mouth. When it comes to customization of your teeth braces, the only choice you get with metal braces is the colour of the elastic.

Metal teeth braces are a popular choice due to their affordability. They’re one of the cheapest teeth straightening options you can receive at your dentist’s office. When it comes to health insurance, many insurers provide partial or full cost cover for metal braces, which influences the choice of straightening solutions. They are also highly effective and can help correct a lot of teeth straightening issues, from crooked teeth to spaced out smiles, overbites, and underbites. The bottom line: They are visible, but they work.

You can expect the average treatment to last a few months to a few years. Adults who opt for metal braces are likely to wear them for a couple of years to achieve best results. If you are self-conscious about your smile, visible braces may not be the optimal solution for you.

Do metal teeth braces have disadvantages? They can be uncomfortable to wear, as regular adjustments for teeth shifting can lead to soreness. Additionally, some patients have reported discomfort and minor wounds as the metal parts of the braces rub against or dig inside your inner cheeks. They require special attention for dental hygiene, as food debris can get stuck in the teeth braces. Unfortunately, metal braces are not removable, so you need to be careful to avoid cavities and stains.

Lingual teeth braces

Lingual braces are similar to metal braces in all points, except for one major element: The brackets are attached at the back of your teeth. As such, they are virtually invisible braces. Due to the unique position, they are some of the most expensive teeth straightening options. You can struggle to find orthodontists who can provide lingual teeth straightening options, as it is one of the least common solutions for straight teeth.

Discomfort with lingual teeth braces is similar to issues you may experience with front metal braces. The lingual position, aka next to the tongue, can also be a source of discomfort, or minor tongue wounds if you are not careful. It is, however, unlikely to happen!

Keeping lingual teeth braces clear of debris can be a delicate task, as you can’t see the area you need to clean. Some food debris can be easily dislodged with your tongue, though!

Ceramic teeth braces

Ceramic braces are an alternative to the more common metal braces for straightening teeth, although you may not know that. In contrast, ceramic braces are nearly undetectable when worn. Due to the nature of the material utilised, they are much less obvious than traditional metal braces. Ceramic can be coloured to seem just like your teeth if that's what you need, and it already has a similar appearance. However, because of the need for more adjustments, the preparation time for ceramic teeth braces is longer. A greater price tag is also included.

However, similar to traditional metal braces, they require special cleaning after meals.

It is worth noting as well that ceramic brackets are not as durable as metal ones, so you may need to get repairs or upgrades during your treatment. Due to their larger size, brackets can also lead to increased gum sensitivity.

Self-ligating clear braces

Also called Damon braces, self-ligating braces do not need elastics to support the wire. Instead, the braces are self-supporting and use a spring-loaded clip mechanism that straightens the teeth. They are less conspicuous than metal braces, but they remain visible at close range. The teeth straightening system is self-adjusting. You will not need to book a regular check-up to adjust your teeth braces. It also reduces the duration of treatment significantly.

The contraption puts less pressure on the teeth, which reduces friction and pain. Additionally, because self-ligating teeth braces have fewer components than typical metal braces, they are easy to clean and maintain.

However, Damon braces are one of the most expensive teeth straightening options.

Clear aligners

Only with clear aligners can you have the convenience of having removable clear braces. Clear aligners don't require brackets or clips to be permanently affixed to the teeth like conventional straightening methods. That's why nobody needs to ever know you're wearing braces; they're entirely discreet.

The fact that they can be taken out and replaced is a huge plus, as it makes them much less of a hassle to keep clean and in good condition. The aligners are easily removable, so you may clean your teeth whenever necessary without worrying about debris or stains. Therefore, they provide a workable answer that may be modified to suit your needs. Brackets can cause root resorption if they exert too much force on the teeth.

However, a remedy that does not involve bracelets will maintain your roots healthy and strong without sacrificing the final product.

When compared to the time it takes to straighten teeth with metal braces, the time it takes to use clear aligners is comparable. Depending on your teeth, you could be looking at anything from a few months to a few years of wearing these. Clear aligners, unlike traditional braces, can be made specifically for your bite using an impression kit, so you get great results without the pain and inconvenience associated with straightening your teeth.

Clear braces are one of the most cost-effective orthodontic options available today.

As a patient, everyone wants a quick teeth-straightening solution. Unfortunately, there is no overnight straight teeth miracle. Teeth braces are the best medical approach to straighten your smile. The treatment can vary greatly in duration, depending on your teeth. As a rule of thumb, the average treatment duration is between 6 months and 2 years for moth teeth braces, whether you opt for metal braces or clear aligners.

However, while you can’t have an overnight solution, you can cut down unnecessary delays and time wasting appointments. Non-removable teeth braces, at the exception of Damon braces, require regular check-ups and adjustments with a professional orthodontist. Metal teeth braces, for instance, can need monthly checks for pressure. When you’ve got a busy schedule, making time for frequent dentist visits can be tricky.

However, clear aligners offer a unique option to straighten teeth at home. You can save yourself the time-consuming repeat journeys to the dentist, as clear braces are designed as a convenient teeth straightening option. You only need to order an impression kit to make a mould of your teeth. The kit is sent directly to your home and used to create your custom invisible braces. The at-home treatment, however, doesn’t compromise on professional services. Your dental impression is managed and checked by a professional orthodontic technician, who can promise ad hoc advice and support if needed.

Tooth hygiene and teeth braces

You can’t compromise in dental hygiene when you look for teeth straightening treatments. Regardless of the teeth braces you decide to use, you can expect professional follow-ups and advice on how to best look after your braces and your smile.

Best practices gestures for dental care don’t change, regardless of the teeth braces you are wearing. Therefore, whether you are wearing metal braces or clear aligners, you need to make sure these dental routines are part of your everyday care:

  • Tooth brushing, at least twice a day
  • Daily flossing
  • Mouth washing

With some teeth braces options, keeping up a good dental hygiene routine is crucial to avoid damaging your teeth. Non-removable braces, for example, are more likely to get food debris stuck against your teeth. You need to make sure your braces are clear; otherwise, debris could lead to stains on the surface of the teeth. In some cases, they can also contribute to the formation of cavities.

Removable teeth braces, however, are less likely to lead to dental complications. While it doesn’t mean you can ignore essential dental care, you are not putting your smile at risk if you forget to floss before going to bed!

I don’t like the hassle of wearing teeth braces

There is no magical remedy to correct crooked teeth. If you want straight teeth, you need to invest in teeth braces and wear them for the duration of your treatment. However, it can be helpful to get to the heart of the problem to figure out the best teeth straightening options for you.

If you dislike visible braces, invisible braces or inconspicuous ceramic teeth braces can be a suitable solution. They can straighten your smile without attracting attention.

Can you compromise with a teeth braces treatment that you don’t need to wear all the time? In principle, prolonged wear is what is going to straighten your teeth. There is no way to speed up the treatment. But you can use clear aligners as part of a night treatment only, which means you only wear them when you go to bed. NightOnly clear aligners are not suitable for all kinds of teeth straightening needs. Therefore, it is ideal for patients with mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. That’s precisely what your at-home kit impression will help to determine. If you are a good candidate for night wear, you need to prepare for a long treatment period, as you’ll get to wear your clear aligners only 8 to 10 hours every day.

For best results, experts recommend combining NightOnly clear aligners with regular daytime aligners. The combination of both could speed up the treatment.

How do I get updated teeth braces?

Teeth braces require constant adjusting to achieve optimal results. In order to get the perfect straight teeth smile you've always wanted, it's important to get your non-removable teeth braces checked and adjusted often. Having brackets attached to your teeth means more visits to the orthodontist throughout treatment. About once every month, or every two months, you'll need to schedule an appointment to have the braces tightened.

The Damon braces stand out from the crowd since they are designed with a unique self-adjusting mechanism. However, you should still schedule regular dental checkups to ensure that your teeth braces continue to fit properly and are pleasant.

When using clear aligners, how do dental checkups work? Because of the convenience of a home-use kit for straightening teeth, fewer in-person visits to the dentist are required. However, this does not imply that you will not receive any adjustments or follow-up care as you undergo treatment. Using the dental impression kit, your clear aligners will be made just for you. For your clear aligners, you will also receive a personalised treatment plan. As your treatment proceeds, the plan will outline when you should schedule a fresh dental impression and when you should expect to receive new, customised clear braces. With a teeth straightening treatment you can do at home, you won't have to worry about losing time between treatments as you would at a dentist's office.

Braces for the teeth should be updated on a frequent basis to ensure that they are still appropriate for the patient's current tooth positioning. Regardless of the type of braces being used, they must be adjusted so that they can properly support the alignment and produce optimal outcomes.

What about teeth braces cost?

There is a reason why most people are familiar with metal teeth braces. They are one of the most cost-effective teeth braces options available. Depending on your health insurance cover, you may not have to spend anything to receive metal braces. However, more often than not, dental improvements are not fully covered by health insurers. In other words, you may need to pay for your treatment fees at a dentist clinic, either partially or fully.

As a rule of thumb, without insurance financing, you can expect to pay between $4,500 and $8,000 for traditional metal teeth braces in Australia.

Ceramic teeth braces are in a similar price bracket; also they can be a little more expensive depending on your needs.

Lingual teeth braces start from $7,500 for a single arch treatment. You are likely to face a braces cost up to $12,500 for the full treatment.

Damon braces sit typically between traditional metal braces and Lingual teeth alignment treatment from a cost perspective.

Clear aligners, on the other hand, provide a cost-effective treatment to redress misaligned teeth. You can get the full treatment for as little as $1,899 if you choose to pay your treatment in a one-time payment. Alternatively, you can opt for monthly instalments of $150 per month for 12 months, with a down payment.

What’s best for my self-esteem?

The benefits of straight teeth to one's confidence are not hidden. They have the ability to improve your appearance in social and business settings.

Some people may feel self-conscious about having metal brackets and wires on their teeth. Adults may have difficulty adjusting to the use of braces of any kind, from metal tooth braces to Damon braces. It's safe to assume that wearing obvious, permanent teeth braces for an average of six months to two years is a significant time commitment. Despite the fact that a growing number of individuals see a certain amount of coolness in showing off their nerdy side with a set of metal braces, the vast majority of people who have trouble with crooked teeth would rather not have them.

Invisible braces are the finest option for people who are self-conscious about having their teeth straightened in front of others. You won't draw any unwanted attention to yourself when wearing clear aligners. SO that you can feel comfortable flashing your pearly whites during your orthodontic treatment.

How to overcome my fear of dentists?

It has not been lost on us that many individuals still experience anxiety when thinking about seeing the dentist. To begin, know that dentists and orthodontists receive specialised education to ensure your comfort. No one will make fun of you if you decide to get your teeth fixed professionally. As a result, there is no need to avoid the subject of straightening your teeth.

However, dental anxiety can be challenging to overcome. Your anxiety is probably the main factor that prevents you from getting teeth straightening procedures. You can learn to live with your misaligned teeth thanks to our clear aligners. The perfect smile is just a mouse click away. You can relax at home while we use your dental impression to create your custom restoration. So, your fear of the dentist is no longer an issue!

Straight teeth can significantly improve your everyday life. They play a crucial role in your communication, self-confidence, and eating habits. So don’t let your fear get the best of you. You can fill out our free teeth straightening assignment online to figure out if clear aligners are the right thing for you.


How long will I have to wear braces?

This depends on how severely your teeth are crowded and how challenging it is to straighten your bite. It might range between six months and several years.

Do braces hurt?

It may be uncomfortable or even mildly painful for the first few days following braces installation. By the end of the first week, you will have adapted to your braces. You may experience a day of discomfort after having them adjusted, but it will be significantly less than when you first got them.

How frequently am I required to visit the orthodontist for checkups?

Generally, your orthodontist will advise you on a precise schedule every six to eight weeks.

Do Invisible braces perform as well as braces? Does it take longer?

When patients wear transparent aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily, Invisible braces are just as effective as traditional metal braces. In some instances, braces are superior to Invisible aligners. Consult with SmilePath orthodontists to determine your best course of action.