Tips and Tricks For Maintaining Clear Aligners As A Teen

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 Maintaining Clear Aligners As A Teen


It's quite admirable that you've embarked on a journey towards a confident and healthy smile with Smilepath's clear aligners. But as a teen, it can be a daunting task to keep your clear aligner journey as smooth as possible. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Read this blog, and you will find a guide fabricated by our top-notch professional orthodontists to help you carry on with your journey to a straighter and healthier smile.

Let's Get Started:

1. Keep Your Aligners Safe with a Handy Travel Kit

Smilepath's clear aligner contains a travel case, which is handy for keeping your aligner safe when traveling. To further maximize the safety of your aligners and your teeth, it is recommended to carry a spare case with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. This will help you maintain oral hygiene even when you are away from home, allowing you to easily clean your aligners after meals.

2. Always Rinse Your Aligners

One of the key features of our clear aligners is that you can take them off to enjoy your favorite meals at any time of the day. But every time you remove your aligners, you should rinse them with lukewarm water to remove saliva and any food particles, ensuring that the aligners stay free from stains and bacteria. Treat these aligners like your second set of teeth, and handle them with care.

3. Clean Your Teeth Before Reinserting

After finishing your meal, an important step is to brush your teeth and floss before putting your aligners back in. Your teeth should be as clean as possible to avoid the possibility of cavities and odors.

4. Stick to a Routine

Consistency is key, and in your teeth alignment journey, you need to adhere to the plan recommended by our professional orthodontists to achieve your desired results. Therefore, it is recommended to wear them for 20-22 hours per day for the best outcomes.

5. Beware of Hot Drinks

Clear aligners are plastic molds that can easily warp if you consume hot beverages while wearing them. Therefore, avoid hot beverages during your journey towards a healthier smile and opt for cool or lukewarm drinks to prevent unwanted changes to the shape of your aligners.

6. Use Chewies

These soft cylindrical cushions are very helpful in ensuring the snug fit of your aligners comfortably. You'll find these inside your aligners box, simply bite down on them if you experience discomfort or a misaligned fit.

This newfound self-expression can lead to a deeper sense of connection with others, fostering better relationships and further contributing to an improved mental state. Clear aligners serve as a catalyst for a positive feedback loop – the more confident you become, the more willing you are to engage in social interactions and express yourself genuinely.

7. Keep Your Old Aligners

Uncertainties can happen, and in the case of your aligners, if you misplace or lose them, it is recommended to hold onto your previous sets. You can use them temporarily while waiting for a replacement, so do not discard your older aligners.

8. Handle with Clean Hands

Keep your hands clean when removing or reinserting your aligners. Dirty hands can transfer bacteria to your aligners and into your mouth, potentially causing infections.

9. Don't Neglect Oral Hygiene

Your teeth must remain healthy during your orthodontic treatment. Therefore, maintain your oral hygiene routine throughout the process and have regular check-ups with a specialized oral hygienist to ensure the optimum condition of your teeth.

10. Communicate with us

If you face any issues or discomfort, or if you still have questions about your aligners, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to assist you in making your teeth-aligning journey smooth. Stay committed, and you'll be flashing that beautiful, confident smile in no time. You've got this.


With your commitment and these practices, your confident and beautiful smile is just around the corner. The journey to a confident and radiant smile with Smilepath’s clear aligners is within your reach. Maintaining oral hygiene and keeping your aligners in top condition can become second nature. If you still face any problems or find yourself stuck in some situation with your aligners then you can reach out to us and our professionals will be there to help you. Remember, you got this! Begin your journey here.


1. How can I keep my clear aligners safe when I'm traveling as a teen?

Smilepath's clear aligner includes a travel case for this purpose. It's recommended to also carry a spare case with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to maintain oral hygiene even when away from home.

2. Why should I always rinse my clear aligners when I take them off?

Rinsing your aligners with lukewarm water after removal helps remove saliva and food particles, preventing stains and bacteria from accumulating. This ensures your aligners remain clean and hygienic.

3. Why is it important to clean my teeth before reinserting my clear aligners?

Cleaning your teeth before reinserting the aligners is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent cavities and odors. It ensures your teeth are as clean as possible before wearing the aligners.

4. How many hours a day should I wear my clear aligners to get the best results?

To achieve the best results, it's recommended to wear your clear aligners for 20-22 hours per day. Consistency in following your orthodontist's plan is key to successful teeth alignment.

5. Can I drink hot beverages while wearing clear aligners, and why should I be cautious about them?

It's best to avoid hot beverages while wearing clear aligners as the heat can warp the plastic molds. Opt for cool or lukewarm drinks to prevent unwanted changes in the shape of your aligners.

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