Ways to Fix a Snaggle Tooth

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Fix a Snaggle Tooth

The term "snaggle tooth" is sometimes used to refer to a tooth that is twisted, pushed forward, or positioned behind the other teeth. You have many alternatives for correcting crooked teeth, like braces, aligners, veneers, and tooth contouring.

Treating a Snaggle Tooth

When considering treatment for a snaggle tooth, people frequently become fixated on the concept of braces. For a single tooth, braces can seem like a severe and lengthy commitment.

Are you also wondering if braces are the sole alternative for a snaggletooth?

Well, Not exactly!

There are numerous treatment methods for snaggletooth, depending on the degree of misalignment and your orthodontist's treatment recommendation will ultimately rely on the severity of your cross-bite.


As with any misplaced tooth, orthodontic treatment is available for snaggleteeth. Your orthodontist will likely recommend braces if your crooked teeth are badly misaligned, as braces are ideal for severe alignment concerns. There are numerous varieties of braces, including mini-braces, some of which are created from transparent materials. Consequently, they are more discrete than their metallic counterparts.

Initial discomfort is to be anticipated, but they offer a successful treatment, particularly for more severe cases, since they may assist adjust the jawbone, so correcting any difficulties that a slightly crooked jaw could have caused in your teeth.

Invisible Braces

A snaggletooth that is only slightly or even moderately crooked can be corrected with invisible braces. Invisible braces are more discreet than traditional braces and require less time to complete treatment than traditional braces do.

They are simple to take off, but you should keep them inserted throughout the day. Due to the fact that they are unable to modify your jaw, they are not a solution for more severe alignment concerns. Your snaggletooth will be evaluated by your orthodontist to decide whether or not Invisible braces is a viable treatment option for it, or whether another technique of correction will be required.

Clear Aligners

Invisible braces are largely responsible for the rise in popularity of clear plastic aligners, but an increasing number of companies are now marketing their own variations of these aligners at prices that are significantly lower than those offered by Invisible braces. You can even go through the entire process from the comfort of your own home, with fresh aligners sent to your doorstep and a treatment plan that is remotely monitored by an orthodontist.

You are required to adhere to the treatment plan for the aligner, regardless of whether you opt for standard aligners or at-home aligners overseen by a doctor. Your teeth will not correctly align if you do not wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every single day.

The total cost of your aligner treatment can range anywhere from $1,200 to $8,000, depending on where you get your aligners made and how many sets you need. The duration of the complete therapy protocol ranges anywhere from three months to one year.

Traditional Braces

This is typically considered to be the most effective method for correcting serious alignment issues, such as having one tooth that is twisted or crooked which has caused the alignment of other teeth to be off. Because the technology that underpins braces is well known, metal braces are capable of effectively correcting the condition. On the other hand, they are cumbersome and draw a lot of attention to themselves, which may be particularly annoying for grownups.

The price of conventional orthodontic treatment fluctuates anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000.


Attached to your teeth are these porcelain exteriors. When one or two teeth are damaged or slightly misaligned, they are frequently used. These can also be used to whiten teeth, making them brighter.

Veneers are custom-made to fit the patient's teeth. Because they will not survive as long as real teeth, they may eventually need to be replaced. One veneer might cost between $500 and $4,000. Four to six veneers for the upper front teeth, a common cosmetic operation, can cost $2,000 to $24,000 depending on where the procedure is performed.

Since it is typically a cosmetic operation, dental insurance is unlikely to cover the expense.


If your snaggletooth is substantially misaligned, attempting to reposition it could create additional oral complications. In this situation, you may choose to have the tooth extracted and replaced with an implant. This is normally reserved for the most severe patients as a last resort.

Tooth Contouring

If your snaggle tooth is chipped or slightly protrudes, tooth contouring may be a viable choice for improving your overall appearance. Small portions of the tooth will be removed without significantly undermining the enamel. This is the least expensive option, however it does not treat all types of crooked teeth.

In general, the cost of tooth contouring ranges from $50 and $500, depending on the extent of the procedure. When the misalignment is quite acute, your orthodontist will be able to explain your choices and make recommendations based on their professional examination.

Recommended Treatment for Snaggle Teeth

How severe your snaggle tooth is and how your other teeth are aligned will determine the best course of action for its correction. Braces or invisible aligners may be your best option if your misalignment is severe, notably if you have significant bite problems.

In many cases, minor to moderate abnormalities, such as a mild snaggle tooth, can be effectively and affordably corrected with the use of doctor-monitored, at-home aligners. These individualized plastic aligners are reasonably priced. The treatment plan often takes significantly less time than braces and can be paid for in installments.

When compared to surgical procedures or other cosmetic dentistry options, including veneers or tooth contouring, aligners are much less invasive. You can order your custom aligners from SmilePath which is the most affordable brand for invisible braces in Australia. We deliver your aligners straight to your doorstep and the best part is that you can even pay the price in installments. Visit our website now and book your invisible braces to fix that snaggle tooth right away!