What Happens After Your Clear Aligners Treatment Is Completed?

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Table of contents

  1. Retainers After Aligner Treatment
  2. Cost and Duration
  3. Benefits of Treatment With Clear Aligners
  4. Transform Your Smile With Smilepath

After your convenient and comfortable treatment with SmilePath clear aligners, you might be wondering now what? For most patients, there is a lot of smiling confidently for photos! Clear dental aligners from Smilepath are the first step toward maintaining a bright and attractive smile for life.

There is some aftercare required if you wish to maintain the look of your newly straight teeth, however. Maintenance is simple and non-invasive and will ensure that you continue to live life without hiding your pearly whites. If you are already achieving straighter teeth at home with Smilepath aligners, it’s important to understand what comes next.

If you are curious about what happens following your clear aligner treatment from Smilepath, read on to learn more about what to expect.

Retainers After Aligner Treatment

Once you have begun your orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, your teeth are keen to continue moving. They will not yet have settled into their new, permanent positions. After all, they have already shifted a lot since your treatment began, and will remain pliable for some time.

Without any intervention, your teeth may shift back to their previous positions, or shift into less pleasing ones. This is a risk for any form of teeth straightening, including traditional or ceramic braces. All orthodontic professionals recommend that patients use retainers following any treatment involving shifting the position of their teeth.

Unlike your clear aligners, the retainers will help to keep your teeth in the correct position and prevent them from moving or shifting. Think of retainers like a device used to “train” your teeth. The retainer accomplishes this by encouraging teeth to stay in their new, attractive position.

Your smile is more than your teeth, however. Bones, ligaments, and other tissue are also involved. They will all need some time to settle into their new, permanent locations.

Your retainer will help the bones in your mouth align with your gums. They will help to stabilize your bite, making eating and chewing more comfortable. They can also help you to relieve other dental problems, such as problems with the jaw.

Cost and Duration

The bones of your jaw will regain strength somewhere between nine and twelve months after your last clear aligner delivery. You will need to wear your retainers daily during that time. If you have worn your retainers consistently, your new smile will be stable within a year.

One year after treatment, you will no longer need to wear your retainers on a daily basis. We recommend wearing them somewhere between three and five times per week. This will help your teeth to remain in their new position for decades.

Using your retainers is as convenient and comfortable as your clear aligner treatment. Retainers are made out of the same material as the aligners and will not be visible to others.

They are also equally affordable. Because they are made out of the same transparent, durable material as our aligners, the cost for a single set is comparable. Most retainers last between three to five years, which makes them a very reasonable investment to ensure the life of your new smile.

Benefits of Treatment With Clear Aligners

Don’t let the necessity of retainers stop you from pursuing a brand new smile with Smilepath! They are invisible to the eye and as simple to maintain as your aligners. If you have experience cleaning clear aligners, then you already know everything you need to know to take care of your retainers after treatment.

A look at clear aligners before and after photos will reveal that our patients are happier and confident with the look and feel of their smiles. They achieve straight, beautiful teeth without the need for dental hardware or office visits. Many individuals can complete an entire course of treatment with Smilepath without anyone knowing they’ve begun!

Clear aligners have the added benefit of helping to prevent future dental problems. Once the teeth and jaw are in alignment, you can expect relief from pain. Eating and chewing will become more natural and comfortable.

You may also find that brushing your teeth becomes easier. You will be able to reach every area of your mouth. This can prevent cavities and decay for a lifetime, saving you time and pain!

Compared to the benefits of a brilliant smile, wearing a retainer several times per week shouldn’t be a deal-breaker! Retainers are discrete, inexpensive, and effective. Wearing a retainer is like taking out an insurance policy on your beautiful new smile!

It may help to consider the use of your retainer as another step in your regular dental hygiene routine. It is a way to keep your mouth healthy, just like brushing or flossing. If you wear your retainer as directed, you can expect a lifetime of good memories, attractive family photos, and confidence in social situations!

Transform Your Smile With Smilepath

Clear aligners have transformed many lives, and yours might be next! This discrete cosmetic dental procedure will slowly shift your teeth, without the need for office visits or unattractive hardware. Concluding your treatment with consistent use of a dental retainer will ensure your smile remains straight and aesthetically pleasing for decades!

You are going to love the way that you look at the end of your Smilepath treatment. The first step is to reach out for a consultation with a Smilepath specialist to learn how you can begin the process! Your initial assessment is free, and you’ll instantly learn whether you are an ideal candidate.

Begin your assessment today and you will be grinning in no time!