Why You Should Go In For Clear Braces

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Benfits you should know about clear aligners

If you’re wondering whether you should choose traditional metal braces or clear braces, we are here to answer your question and shed some light on this interesting topic. For many decades, people thought that getting braces meant they would have lots of metal in their mouth and their normal eating and drinking habits would have to change because of it. For this reason alone, lots of people decided not to have braces. We know that any change to your normal life is going to put you off, so we offer you a clear and detailed alternative of getting clear aligners. These are essentially just, clear braces with another name. They won’t alter your eating or drinking habits, you can take them off when you need to go to sleep and cleaning them is so much easier. Not to mention, just everyday things like brushing your teeth, flossing and chewing gum don’t have to become a chore.

The aligners are Virtually Invisible

As you can probably imagine, the number one selling point for our clear braces is, they can hardly be seen. For some adults who have crooked teeth, getting metal braces is very upsetting because it makes them look like unlike their age. Besides who wants a mouth full of metal when they have to present to board members, or when they are going on a date, or when they are meeting potential in-laws? It’s embarrassing and it just doesn’t help someone who is naturally a little anxious in social situations.

But our clear aligners will not only give you straight teeth, but they will be virtually invisible. Unless someone is literally just a foot or two away, they won’t be able to pick up on the fact that you’re actually wearing braces!

So you can wear your braces when you’re taking a photo for your passport, your driver’s license, or during family photos that you intend on sending out on a card. Clear braces are also easy to clean, so you can rinse them out and dry them off, before putting them back in your mouth. There won’t be an embarrassing situation of having food stuck in your braces, as you would with normal metal conventional braces.

Your Aligners Are Not Permanently Fixed

As mentioned above, aligners are not fixed in your mouth. So, if you have a problem with your teeth such as pain, you can take them out and go from there. However, metal braces are fixed, and if you are experiencing horrendous pain, there’s nothing anyone can do for you immediately. Here is a list of situations where having the benefit of removal braces comes in handy.

  • When you’re eating. If you have metal braces, your food can easily get stuck in your teeth. Also, when you take out your aligners a lot of the pressure is taken off too. So you can eat solids without as much pain as you would have with conventional braces.
  • When you’re at work. Let’s say you’re a manager and you need to give a report and presentation to your boss in the morning. You don’t want to fumble over your words or have to take painkillers before you go into the office. So you can take out your clear braces an hour or half an hour before, to allow your gums to relax and hence allow normal speech.
  • When you’re on a date. Your love life should not be put on hold while you are trying to straighten your teeth. So if you’re in the mood to get frisky, take out your braces and store them in your personal portable clear aligners’ box.
  • When you’re at a sporting event. Hey, sometimes you’ve just got to shout at the top of your lungs when supporting your favorite team. You can take out your braces and let loose, without the risk of them falling out of your mouth.

No Major Lifestyle/Dietary Changes

Perhaps the best reason why you should get clear aligners is, you won’t have to make any changes whatsoever to your diet. Little to no dietary changes needs to be made, which is an easy adjustment. If you are a vegan, eating a lot of raw vegetables, you won’t have to worry about tensioned wire braces in your mouth, whereby some solids are forbidden, you can carry on sticking to your diet/ lifestyle.

Some dentists will recommend that you stick to soups for a while when they tighten your metal braces. The pain will be stark for about a week or so and in that time, if you bite down on anything hard it will hurt to high heaven. But, with our clear braces, you don’t have this issue. When you receive a new course of aligners, you can always treat them just like you did the previous iterations of the aligners you were using. Take them out when it’s time to eat, and put them back in for the rest of the day. It’s so easy and with zero worries, it just doesn’t make sense to consider an alternative in this regard.

Aligners Are Comfortable In Comparison

As we have just mentioned again, clear aligners are no way near as uncomfortable as metal braces. You’ve probably heard of horror stories regarding the traditional braces. After a tightening session with the dentist, the person is in so much pain, that taking painkillers becomes predictable. This is bad for many reasons.

  • Sleeping. Having to take painkillers, just to go to sleep could start a very bad habit. Sleeping should be a natural cycle your body goes through, and taking painkillers to ease your inflamed gums is so old-fashioned and completely unnecessary.
  • Mood shift. If you are in constant pain, you will feel cranky all the time. This involuntary mood shift can have a negative impact on your social life. With clear aligners, this is not an issue at all.
  • Irritation after meals. When you have food stuck in your metal braces, it can be maddening trying to clear your mouth from debris. Having bits and pieces of food stuck in hard-to-reach places is going to become too annoying to bear. Not so, with our clear aligners.
  • Brushing. The major issue with metal braces is brushing your teeth. Many people complain that their teeth have become yellow because they were unable to properly care for their teeth and make sure their brushing was effective. When you have metal wires blocking your toothbrush from getting to your teeth, what do you expect?

Your Transformation Happens In Real-Time

You do not have to turn up to a dentist to check and see how your progress is going. We send your clear aligners out to you by mail. This means, you get to witness and track your progress as it’s happening. This is really motivating for some people, because being able to see our clean braces actually having an effect on your teeth, will boost your confidence and happiness.

We recommend that you take weekly photos of your mouth, from an angle that shows the alignment of your teeth. You should label them week by week, and observe how your teeth become straighter and straighter as time goes by.

For metal braces, you actually have to go to a dentist every few months to allow them to see what is going on. With so much in the way, it’s difficult to see at home, how well you’re actually doing.

With clear aligners, you don’t have this issue as you can always take them out and take a look for yourself. Maybe one tooth was putting up a fight and didn’t want to fall in line with the rest. But perhaps one week, it finally caved in and started to slowly move with the rest of the pack. You can literally watch your new smile, taking shape.

Try Them Today!

Having straight teeth can be a real confidence booster and it can cure many ails. If you have a speech impediment, your doctor might recommend that you get your teeth straightened out to improve your teeth, gums and tongue coordination. Sometimes doing something able as simple as straightening your teeth, can cure a lifelong habit that makes you sound in an undesirable way.

So how do you get on board?

We have a simple 3-stage process that is easy to follow and understand.

Firstly, you begin your journey by ordering an impression kit. This will allow you to make an indent impression on the equipment we send you. Send this back to our team so we can study the shape, size, and alignment of your teeth. We will begin to make your customized clear aligners and make your treatment plan with a team of specialized experts.

The second stage begins, by creating your aligners. We use modern software to fully map out the design of your clear braces so we get all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, properly shaped and sized.

The third and final stage is to wear the aligners we send to you. You can make one large lump sum payment or do it in monthly installments; whichever is fine for you is fine with us.

Don’t hesitate any longer, the choice is right, the technology and the service won’t let you down. Contact us today and let’s begin your journey to a better, straight, happier smile.

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