6 Ways to Get Your Teeth Wedding Ready

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make your teeth wedding ready

Yay! Your big day is finally here and understandably you’d want it to be simply perfect. Everything should reflect your personality and inner happiness, from the venue décor to the smallest details. Speaking of happiness, your smile would undoubtedly be the brightest feature of the day; hence, it only makes sense to ensure that your teeth are perfect on your special day. After all, when you look back at your wedding photos, you'll want to see nothing but joy. So, here’s the game plan to ensure that:

Tip #1: Schedule a dental checkup

Dental check-up before the wedding
A patient consulting her smile goals with the doctor

Visiting your dentist is the first and most important item on your agenda. Sit with the dentist and discuss your smile goals with them. Take advantage of their expertise and professional teeth cleaning services that will help you get rid of years of plaque built up and set a good foundation for further treatments. Believe us, your smile will thank you for it on your special day!

Tip #2: Straighten your teeth

wedding-ready smile
A beautiful woman showing her wedding-ready smile

If you’re concerned about the spaces between your teeth or your smile is being affected by overcrowding, there are now multiple solutions available to get them fixed. We know teeth straightening requires adherence and you wouldn’t want to commit to such a major change while you’re about to make the biggest commitment of your life.

However, contrary to popular belief, teeth straightening can be possible with advanced notice of 3-6 months, and with the advent of clear aligners, this process has become even more discreet and convenient. Just like traditional metal braces, these transparent trays exert gradual pressure on your misaligned teeth eventually forcing them into your desired alignment.

Take a free assessment today to check if you’re eligible for the clear aligner treatment.

Tip #3: Whiten your smile

Before and after the teeth whitening treatment
Before and after the teeth whitening treatment

If you want to flaunt your spotless smile on your big day, consider either professional or at-home teeth whitening treatments. Both options offer promising results, however, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing either treatment. At-home teeth whitening kits are generally lighter on the budget but you might require a few weeks before you notice any visible results as they use less amounts of whitening agents such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxides. Whereas, in-office whitening systems generally provide an instant whitening experience and are effective for even age-old teeth stains as they contain higher levels of peroxide-based bleaching agents.

Tip #4: Eat healthy

Nutrient-rich foods for optimum gum health
Nutrient-rich foods for optimum gum health

It’s never too late to introduce healthy and nutritious food to your daily diet. But did you know that your eating habits can affect your oral health as well? Improve your oral-systemic health by incorporating the following items into your diet:

  • Dairy Foods Milk and cheese contain high amounts of anti-bacterial enzymes and are rich in calcium. Both are extremely significant to maintain bone density and to balance the pH in your mouth which helps preserve the tooth enamel. Hence, if you’re out on venue hunting or hopping from one bridal shop to another to find your dream dress and haven’t had time to brush your teeth, worry not! Just munch on a slice of cheese or sip a glass of milk and your teeth are all set. (PS. Can’t say the same for your breath though.)
  • Leafy Greens Leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce are not only high in minerals and vitamins like calcium and folic which are important for the nourishment of the body but are also significant for the health of your teeth. Crunchy vegetables also help clean your teeth.
  • Fish and Nuts Foods such as salmon and nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain development and improving the immune system which in turn helps fight any gum disease. Moreover, nuts like peanuts and almonds are a great source of vitamin D and calcium which are beneficial to teeth.
  • Water Often underappreciated, water plays a major role when it comes to a healthy body. We all know that our bodies are 60% water. An ample quantity of it helps distribute nutrients around your body and helps get rid of all the toxins and waste which in turn gives that special glow to our skin. Moreover, drinking water is essential for your teeth, especially the fluoridated one. Water also helps wash away any particles in your mouth promoting good oral health.

Tip #5: Avoid stains

Stain-causing food items
Glasses filled with wine

While we are still on the subject of eating healthy, it's important to mention the food items that should be avoided at all costs as they can stain your teeth and dim their brightness.

  • Coffee and Tea Tea, especially green tea and coffee are staples in our daily diets. Whereas, they do have many health benefits but oral health isn’t really their cup of tea. Dentists say that the tannin found in the brews allows satin causing chromogens to attach to the teeth resulting in tooth discoloration and tannic acid also causes the softening of the tooth enamel.
  • Tobacco Nicotine, which is found abundantly in tobacco is one of the major causes of teeth stains and these stains are often the most hard to fight. It’s not just the appearance though, nicotine impacts your overall health very badly and can weaken your immune system resulting in your body’s inability to fight off gum disease.
  • Curry-based Sauces Rich in taste and color who doesn’t love those thick curry-based sauces? But this indulgence does come at a cost - stained teeth. Tomatoes though filled with nutrients do have a strong pigment which can cause tooth discoloration and we wouldn’t want that for you on your wedding day. Switch to cream-based sauces or light-colored sauces to avoid teeth stains and remember to brush right after the meal.
  • Red or White Wine Wine is one of the most common causes of stained teeth. Whereas red wine contains that rich pigmentation that we all know it for, white wine is worse as it is more acidic in nature and softens the tooth enamel making it easier for the stains to appear and leaving it vulnerable to bacteria.

Tip #6: Stay Happy

Avoid stress on your wedding day
Young and beautiful newlyweds smiling wide.

Last but not least, remember to stay happy and avoid stress. This might feel impossible if your wedding is near but this tip is very important for people who have a habit of clenching or grinding their teeth. Stress can make it worse and this constant pressure can damage your teeth and result in tooth loss or swollen gums. So, remember to keep your cortisol levels in check and enjoy your special day with a wide grin on your face.

To learn more about making your smile perfect before the big day, call 1300 404 171


1. Can I get straighter teeth in less than 6 months?

Whereas the time duration depends on the severity of your case, clear aligners usually correct mild to moderate misalignments within 4- 6 months.

2. Do I need to use an at-home teeth whitening kit after a professional whitening treatment?

The results will last longer after a professional teeth whitening treatment, however, it is advised to touch up with an at-home whitening kit every few weeks to maintain the results.

3. Is there any way I can protect my teeth if I have a habit of clenching or grinding?

General precautions would include avoiding triggers such as stress that cause you to grind your teeth. In case of bruxism, wear a night guard to protect any further wear and tear of your teeth.

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